Mark Fowler

Mark Fowler

In 2016 and 2017, farmers could capitalize on high protein content in their winter wheat crop. Mark Fowler, vice president of overseas operations at U.S. Wheat Associates, draws upon years of professional experience to help growers understand how protein occurs, and what can be done to boost protein levels and gain more revenue per acre.

Mark Fowler wants wheat growers to think about how they can differentiate their grain based on quality in the marketplace. This, explained the vice president of overseas operations for U.S. Wheat Associates, can help farmers capture value when the opportunities present themselves.

“If you’re just selling across the scale at harvest, you are a grain seller—not a marketer,” Fowler explained. “If you are going to capture the value, you’re going to have to market your grain on your terms. You’re never going to be able to set the price, but you’ll be able to market it and get paid for the quality you have.”

The domestic and export wheat market is getting more competitive every year, and U.S. Wheat, in its work with overseas buyers, finds quality sets United States wheat apart on the marketplace. That extra marketability is vital to its mission to improving the profitability of all U.S. wheat farmers.
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Mark Fowler – Capitilze on Quality WheatU 2017 Presentation

<!– Mark Fowler is vice president of overseas operations for US Wheat Associates based in their headquarters office in Arlington, VA.   U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) is the export market development organization for the U.S. wheat industry. USW promotes the reliability, quality and value of all six U.S. wheat classes to wheat buyers, millers, bakers, food processors and government officials in more than 100 countries around the world.


Prior to joining US Wheat, Fowler was the president and CEO of Farmer Direct Foods, Inc.   Farmer Direct Foods is a farmer cooperative located in New Cambria, KS specializing in the production of 100% stoneground whole grain flour.


Prior to joining Farmer Direct Foods, Inc, Fowler served as the associate director of the International Grains Program (IGP) in the Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University.  An international milling specialist, Mark worked with business executives, operative millers and plant personnel to maximize the utilization of cereal grain and oilseeds for food, feed and industrial applications. This work has taken him to more than 60 countries to provide assistance in mill production and business management.


Prior to his return to Kansas State, Mark worked as the Technical Director for the Africa division of Seaboard Corporation. Based in Durban, South Africa and Cargill Flour Milling Wichita and Los Angeles, California.


Born and raised in Kansas, Mark’s family is still actively working the diversified farm near Emporia, KS,


He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Milling Science and Management as well as a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economic, both from Kansas State University.


Outside of the office, Mark enjoys a busy family life with his wife Courtney and daughters, Piper and Paige.