Dave Ahern

Dave Ahern

Dave Ahern, IntelliFarms: Growers who have on-farm storage systems are able to capture a premium on high quality and profit from basis capture. Dave Ahern will give tips on how to keep that stored crop in top condition.

On-farm grain storage can play a great role in many farmers’ marketing plans. And with today’s technology, farmers can know more about the grain they store in their bins in real time, according to Dave Ahern, sales manager with IntelliFarms, who spoke at Wheat U in Wichita in August. That’s all the better to find the optimal marketing opportunities down the supply chain.

“A lot of growers want to put up storage on their farms or grow the storage they have,” Ahern said. “Well, we need to think about what a bin can do, what is their market. When you’re thinking about storage, you’re thinking about capturing a market.” Many farmers go into on-farm storage without thinking about the end market they’re targeting, or a projected deadline for marketing the grain they store in their bins.

“We work with one farmer who said he realized that he grows a phenomenal product, but that he doesn’t like to market his grain,” Ahern said. There are many farmers like him, who are intimidated by storing grain because they either don’t have enough experience with their own facilities to ensure quality, or they store grain with no set plan where they will market it.
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