Session Topics

Session topics to be discussed during the day include:

-Fertility Management for high protein and high yield
-Weed Management
-Disease and Insect Management
-Grain Marketing

Spokane Farmer Panel

Enjoy a panel discussion of what quality traits and characteristics your end-user customers are seeking from your wheat production.

Dr Pete Berry. Head of Crop Physiology, ADAS UK Ltd

Dr Pete Berry. Head of Crop Physiology, ADAS UK Ltd

Keynote Speaker:

Pete Barry is a crop physiologist and 14-year veteran of ADAS UK Ltd, an independent research and consulting firm that aims to improve production efficiency of food and feed.

His work focuses on improving performance and reducing pollution of cropping systems by understanding crop physiology, plant breeding and agronomy. Important areas of his research include: increasing crop yields sustainably, optimizing nitrogen nutrition of crops, use of precision farming technologies, and lodging control & plant growth regulation.

Improving wheat yields is a key part of Pete’s work, and ADAS is leading an initiative to raise European wheat yields, which culminated in a 2015 world record of 16.5 t/ha. ADAS has also produced a blueprint for maximizing UK wheat yields. Pete has been invited to speak on how to improve crop production in several European countries, Mexico and Argentina. He works with farmers, agronomists, breeders, fertilizer companies and agro-chemical companies and has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with BASF.

Prior to working for ADAS he worked as a post-doctoral researcher and lecturer at Nottingham University, where he also gained his PhD in ‘Predicting Lodging Risk in Wheat’.